Safety is our number one priority here at Spects Optical! 

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We have added PPE to our daily routine to keep everyone safe!

At this time, we are allowing walk in appointments. In addition, all pick ups and repairs will be done outside. This will ensure that we can keep the number of patients in the store at one time to a minimum.

We will be screening every patient who books an appointment over the phone, and again in person. In addition, masks will be required at this time. 

Our Spects team will also be wearing the appropriate PPE, including face masks, safety glasses, and in special circumstances lab coats and face shields. 

We will be booking in 45 minute increments with a 15 minute gap for cleaning. We will also be sanitizing every pair of glasses that is handled during the appointment to ensure that the next person who tries them on is safe. 

The appointment will start with a screening, and everyone who enters the store will have to sanitize their hands. A staff member will stay with you for the duration of your appointment, and at this time only Spects staff will be pulling frames from our displays in order to keep our environment as clean as possible. 


Every frame touched during an appointment will be thoroughly washed to ensure everyone's safety.


We have added Plexiglass partitions around our desks and equipment!

We have also added plexiglass partitions around our desks, as well as some of our equipment that requires us to be in close contact to our patient's. This protective equipment has also been carried over to our exam room. 

Give us a call to book an appointment at 905-429-9825!

Our hours are:

Tuesday 9:30-5:00

Wednesday 10:00-7:00

Thursday 10:00-7:00

Friday 9:30-5:00

Saturday 10:00-3:00